Blayney council July meeting

The July Blayney Shire Council began and ended with the tale of Frank Smole, a second-hand dealer from Orange who is looking to develop a block of land in Forest Reefs, placing a shed and greenhouse on it.

Mr Smole took the opportunity of the public forum to address the councillors and staff as to his intentions for the site.

"I come from several generations of second-hand dealers and I recognise that this is a residential zone and can only be used for that,' he said.

"I have a lease for a self-storage facility in Orange and that is where I now keep all those items for our online business."

Mr Smole admitted he did have some boxes stored at the site but on discovering it wasn't allowed he moved them out.

As for the three shipping containers on the property Mr Smole declared that they are full of personal effects and building materials such as a second hand kitchen that will be transferred into the shed once it is built, although two of the three containers on site will remain as part of a greenhouse self-sustainability project.

Mark Dicker said that no business operations were to be run from the property and his preference was for the containers to be enclosed in a shed structure made from corrugated iron rather than them painted green.

Cr Reynolds suggested that Mr Smole remove one of the containers as soon as possible as an act of good faith.

At the end of the meeting Mr Smole was granted consent to Development Application DA9/2019 for the construction of the outbuildings.

After Mr Smole spoke the meeting began with Cr Reynolds asking about how councillors are to keep a record of gifts received where the value is less than $50.

Mayor Scott Ferguson responded saying that councillors should simply aim not to accept any gifts at all.

During discussions regarding the Director Infrastructure Services Monthly Report Cr Kingham expressed his excitement about the Blayney Demondrille line being discussed and would like to see Howard Collins from Sydney Trains to be involved.

Cr Ferguson said that the full definitive study is to be undertaken and council is looking for businesses to get involved to make it possible. He commented that the line had great potential but the business case had to stack up.

Nathan Skelly has announced that the official opening of the new Newbridge bridge will be open on the 19th of July.

The sealing of the road however is being delayed by the cold wet conditions and they'll be trying to have it also finished by Friday to coincide with the re-opening.