Cr Scott Denton weighs in on smoking shelter debate.

Reformed smoker and Blayney councillor Scott Denton has entered the smoking shelter at Blayney Health Service debate detailing his own struggle with cigarettes.

Cr Denton was contacted by the Blayney Chronicle following the publication of an article in which a resident at Blayney Health Service, Elizabeth Meekin-Moxham, was requesting an outside shelter to smoke in.

Cr Denton says that as a nicotine addict himself he really feels for the resident, and that it's not a simple issue.


"When you try to give up you're really scared, and no doubt she's really scared too," he said.

"I'm also really worried for her because during winter time and she's out there several times a day, there's a good chance she'll end up with pneumonia and then she's in deep trouble.

"So we do have a responsibility for that as well which makes this a really complex issue."

Cr Denton said that he tried numerous methods to try and give up cigarettes and those that have never smoked may have difficulty in understanding just how hard it is.

"I was a pack a day smoker and it's still something I struggle with," he said.

It's still something I struggle with.

Cr Scott Denton

"You never really give it up, but for me I just wanted to live, plus I was tired of spending the money and being treated as a social outcast, much like this woman is being treated."

Western New South Wales Local Health District Acting District Smoking Cessation Coordinator Nakarri Ferguson said that it is never too late to give up smoking.

"Quitting at any age is worth doing and will increase your life expectancy and improve your quality of life," she said.

"Within 20 minutes your heart rate decreases and after only a few weeks without smoking your risk of heart attack begins to reduce and your lung function improves."