Blayney Junior Sport | The under 11 Glory actually managed to take control of the game.

Junior soccer

Under 6 Warriors: Blayney Warriors u6s had another great game! Riley and Maddie both did well with defence and attacking. Charlie and Jaxson both made good runs ending up with a goal each! Cody had a cracker of a game running in attacking hard and earned himself player of the week!

Under 7Jaguars: This week the u7 Jaguars played the Cyms Blacks at Blayney Jack played well this week protecting the goals, he moved up the field, concentrating on getting the ball. Asher backed up the defence when needed and initiated Blayneys only goal Charlie was good in support, also making breaks, dribbling up the field with haste. Georgia wasn't scared of the ball, she ran to the attacking Cyms and stole the ball. Jai had a cracking game, he was eager to kick off the game and had some really big kicks , he listened and placed himself in some sensible spots when it came to sideline kick ins and goal kicks, he let others know he was nearby with support , Jai was a good sport. All these qualities earned Jai the player of the week.

Under 8s wildcats: Well today our little ones came up against the ex services lions and while it wasnt our best game there are some positives to take away from it like the defensive game from Lachie and Johnny and the midfield attack from Paige and Cody, Carters foot work and Garths half in goalie were really positive. Player of the week went to Carter for his outstanding footwork.

Under 8 Phoenix: Saturday morning and the Phoenix certainly turned on a fantastic display of soccer against a much bigger Waratah Titans team. Right from the kick off the Phoenix played an expansive game with some nice long wide passes and attacking runs having Waratahs on the back foot. Our two little tiny terrors Beau and Lachie were every where making some nice long runs and great tackles. Rhys continues to improve every week and was unlucky not to score after some great attempts at goal..Digby had another solid game playing in the middle and controlling his team with some lovely attacking passes he continued his goal scoring streak with another two nice goals.

Myles started in goals but had limited opportunity with the Phoenix defence never giving Waratahs a chance. Tayla had her best game this year after being unlucky not to score in earlier games she broke the drought with two cracking goals through her perseverance. Lilly took to the field and took over control in the middle of the field with some nice tackling and passing but her best was to come when she replaced Myles in goal making some brilliant saves and diving at the feet of the Waratahs attackers showing great courage.

Ollie this week was in everything and saved a Waratahs penalty shot putting his body on the line and defending his goal he made some great long runs and was always back to help in defence he was rewarded with the player of the week award.. Phoenix continue to improve each week and are becoming a very good team who work well together.

Under 9 Spirit: Blayney Spirit under 9s played Milthorpe Growl on Saturday. First half Casey was in goals, our ring in Frankie was with Hamish in defense, Andre was at mid with our other ring in Sonny and Lilly and Georgie who were my A team again up front. Milthorpe came out with all six cylinders firing and got two quick goals which shocked Spirits a bit, but Blayney fought back with Andre getting the ball and running up the side avoiding Milthorpes defense but just missing the goal. Casey was the ultimate goalie putting his body on the line so many times and saving so many goals, just like they practiced in training.

Hamish was fantastic getting to the ball and turning it around and getting great passes to his team mates. Lilly and Georgie are becoming a awesome combination they seem to know where each other are on the field all the time. Second half Milthorpe came out firing again and Blayney found it hard to stop them, but gathered themselves and fought back. Spirits kick- chase improved dramatically and Hugo got our only goal. All in all it was a very hard game and Blayney fought hard. Our well deserved player of the game went to Georgie for her never die attitude and awesome footwork.

Under 10 fury: played in Molong this week. We were light in numbers, and played on a full field, so it was going to be a tough ask. The Molong team kindly let us have some players to make the teams even ( great sportsmanship) The Molong team was strong, but we defended well. There where a lot of strong breaks made by Blayney moving from the back line to the forwards. A few unlucky shots at goal. The score line was in Molong's favour, but Fury learnt a lot and started playing as a team. There where a lot of tired players by the end. Hannah Flynn received the medal this week!!

Under 10 Roar: Saturday was a beautiful sunny day when the Blayney Roar met the Waratah Raiders in Blayney. The Raiders were short some players so Henry, Spencer and Elijah all had turns helping them out. The Roar won 6-5 in a close match. Oliver and Emma were the goalies for the match and both did some fantastic saves. Angus, Henry, Spencer, Oliver, Emma and Cameron worked well together in the front line setting up and scoring goals. James, Dray, Maggie and Elijah were superb in defence and stopped the Raiders many times and fed the ball through to the forwards. Maggie was player of the match.

Under 11 Glory: With Harley as reliable goalie and Nate leading the defence line assisted in the back by Stirling and Caleb, Matthew took on a role as defending midfielder whilst Aiden Burns and Jayden had a more attacking role on the wings, trying to feed balls to the strikers Diesel and Aidan Hunter. And aided by the skillfull dribbler Spencer Hewitt who subbed in and out when Glory needed him to replace injured or fatigue players, the Glory actually managed to take control of the game.

Nate was ruthless in the back, Stirling started off strong with a very solid block early on, and generally managed to disrupt the wingers. Caleb, once he realised where the attacks came from, marked the centre well enough to make it as hard as possible for Mariners to find the net. And try as they might, the Orange powerhouse couldn't capitalise on their pressure, and much to their surprise the goal fell on the other end, because with one of their long balls the Glory actually super boldly took the lead! Harley fed a goal kick to Matthew who dropped it high behind the defence line. Diesel gave chase and created chaos with the Orange backs.

And no-one deserved the goal more than the guy that scored it; Aidan Hunter collected the ball and set off on a dribble, taking the defence by surprise. He cut in and tucked it away coolly for a shock 1-0 lead, breaking his draught as it was his first goal for Glory after being so unlucky in games before, hitting the post numerous times. It took Mariners completely by surprise. In the second half Glory took on a more attacking approach to try and score some goals. Nate continued to lead the centre back position and Aiden Burns swapped on the right-wing with Caleb to aid the back line.

Caleb moved up the field and did well, feeding a few good balls forward. And although they never provoked their opponents like they did in the first ten minutes, because Mariners managed to capitalise far too many times when Nate had to cover too much space which made the centre open up, the Glory did find a way through their tight defence more than they would have liked. Diesel played a lot deeper than in the first half which gave Glory a solid target-man up front.

This allowed Matthew to penetrate a lot more into the attacking half of the field. Aidan Hunter in the goal had a number of great saves with some cat-like reflexes. Most Mariners goals actually came when Glory had the ball and tried to bypass the midfield.

Harley drifted into an attacking position behind Diesel, fought his heart out to win the ball and Spencer backed him up midway through the half and was able to give the attack even more flair. As the game went on, Jayden in midfield seemed to pop up in the right positions quite a few times, disrupting the Mariners build-up. Stirling was also always in the right spot at the right time but didn't always follow through.

With some more determination he would find he can dominate in that left back position quite comfortably. More Glory goals fell midway through the half. First Matthew who got defended ruthlessly, earned a free kick and accurately lifted it over the wall and in the top corner. Diesel, who had a few strong shots from the right, setup the third one with a great shot that got blocked but picked up by Matthew who curved it low into the bottom corner.

Overall the Glory should be very proud for their determination, never letting their head down and going for every ball until the final whistle. Player of the week went to Jayden for all of his hard work on the wings against a formidable opponent.

Under 12 Lions: Both teams took to the field with ten players. The game was very even, with Liam Davis in goals he did an excellent job keeping the ball out of the goal. After the opposition scored a goal, our forward, Sarah scored one back after an excellent run followed by a great shot.

Once again it was even and our midfield was trying to keep possession of the ball, Liam Eves, Neo, Brayden and Hugo were all doing incredible jobs receiving the ball and being in the right position to move the ball forward.

When they were attacking, our defenders Emily, Braeden, Jayden and Riley did an awesome job stopping the attack and taking possession of the ball. In the second half Brayden took over from Liam in the goals and once again it was a very even game with all everyone playing at their best. However in the last ten minutes Ex-Services managed to get another two goals ending the game at 3-1. Player of the week went to Liam Eves after an outstanding performance on the field.