Junior sport: Glory claim a miraculous final-minute draw in Molong

Under-6 Warriors

Blayney Warriors had a sensational game this week both in attacking and defence. Maddie was once again faultless with her defence, Cody was also there putting his body on the line and helping wherever needed. Charlie was good with the ball and in defence. Jaxson and Riley both had good games each picking up goals, earning Riley player of the week.

Under-7 Jaguars

It was good to see all the kids eager to get to the ball. At one point we saw every child on the field in front of the jaguars goal, kicking and rucking the ball at a frenzied pace. Georgia got into the thick of it turning around the ball and passing it on. Asher had a great game being very sporty,sharing positions around the field in both attack and defense. Charlie was very methodical in placing herself in different spots and initiating plays. Charlie scored one of the jaguars goals. Jack really made his mark. He took his defense game to the cyms players and at one time foiled an attack by cyms and kicked it sideways away from the goal. Patrick played well today, he got the ball of cyms , passed and chased well. Patrick kicked the other goal for jaguars he was fortunate enough to have the ball passed to him and from a quarter of the field out scored the goal. Patrick earned player of the week.

Under-8 Phoenix

RISING: Under-8 Phoenix playing on Millthorpe's Redmond Oval on the weekend.

RISING: Under-8 Phoenix playing on Millthorpe's Redmond Oval on the weekend.

It was tough competition today with coach Robbie away so Andrew stepped in and held the forte! The Blayney Phoenix continue to grow every week and show there determination and strong bond as a team on the field. Digby showed his strength in attack and defence and continues to build his team mates up every week, Lachy copped some big hits and ran hard against a much bigger opposition, Myles steered the ship from the back helping save many goals throughout the game, Rhys was a key centre player in defence and attack and ran his heart out, Ollie had a good game as always making a couple of good breaks for goal.

Beau defended well in goal during the first half and made some terrific goal kicks and had a strong game on the field in the second half, Tayla played a great game again almost scoring some good goals and working hard in attack and defence and our team superstar this week with player of the match was Lilly who had a strong first half up front playing her heart out and done a fantastic job defending our goal during the second half. Good job blayney phoenix you do us all proud every week.

Under-8 Wildcats

Under-8 Wildcats player of the week.

Under-8 Wildcats player of the week.

What a great day to play soccer. The wildcats played an awesome game today while they were defeated it didnt bring their spirits down. Its great to have Paige on our team today joining in and finding her feet amongst the boys, great defending from all the players especially player of the day Johnny with some great defending as our goalkeeper. The most important thing is that the kids had fun and their skills in soccer are really developing each game they play, a thanks to all the extra help from the families and Craig for helping coach today

The Wldcasts at Jack Brabham Park

The Wldcasts at Jack Brabham Park

Under-9 Spirit 

We were 2 players down so we had to play with 6 on the field with no subs.

Hamish started in the goals with Lilly and Georgie with him up the back in defense. Archer was in mid and Chevy and Casey were up the front. Spirit started out strong, attacking with all their might, Chevy and Casey were an amazing combination passing and getting past the Cyms defense and Archer was absolutely incredible not letting Cyms run away with the ball. Georgie and Lilly deflected many of the Cyms attacks at goal and Hamish made amazing saves.

The Spirit on Saturday

The Spirit on Saturday

2nd half Chevy was in goals Archer and Casey up the back and Hamish in mid, Georgie and Lily up front. The team was so tired but went out with a 2nd wind. Georgie and Lilly my A team again pushing forward and working hard to keep the ball in Cyms half. The team was running around so much I had to swap the backs with the fronts again, they were getting exhausted while Cyms had three subs coming on fresh all the time. Casey and Archer were everywhere they were absolutely incredible in attack and defense, then Hamish came up front to help and with the three of them pushing forward together they came extremely close to getting a goal many times but just didn't get there. Chevy deflected many attacks at goal, brilliantly kicking the ball hard down the field, but In the end Cyms won, but not without a fight from the gallant Blayney Spirit.

I really wish I had 6 player of the match medals because they all deserved to win it, but I had to choose only 1 and that was Lilly, she was absolutely incredible today, she really stepped up and worked so hard.

Under-10 Roar

Sizzling start to a beautiful sunny morning. Within the first 2 minutes Dray puts Blayney Roars on the score board. Great passing between Henry, Dray and Angus which leads to Henry kicking the second goal of the day. Steady pressure kept on the KWS allowed Angus to score another goal. Consistently on the attack Emma, Cam, Olivia, Elijah and Henry communicated well between each other.

Olivia passed to Henry, Henry to Spencer who tucked it in to the net, while Maggie applied some heavy pressure and we got the ball and Dray, Maggie and Elijah applied great pressure in the first half.

Second half began with Angus on the attack. After great attempts from Spencer and Henry, Emma brought home a goal worthy of Player of the week. Maggie was great in goal. Nice passing from the team allowed Henry to score and then another great pass from Henry so Angus could score. James kept applying pressure to keep the ball on Roar's half.

Long field passing with Elijah and Cam and James supporting each other beautifully allowed Angus and score.

Under-11 Glory

Glory Player Of The week Matthew DePiper.

Glory Player Of The week Matthew DePiper.

Down two players, Glory played super-sub Sarah in fullback to make up the numbers in Molong. Nate and Stirling guarded the wings and Matthew positioned himself in centre-mid, flanked by Jayden and Caleb. The first half was only a minute old when Harley had to make a spectacular save. Jayden in front of him had some great disruptive breaks. On the other wing Stirling was back in a more familiar defensive spot. Caleb in front of him had to get used to his midfield position but then produced one of his better games this year. Matthew in the centre fed balls to the fast pace of Aidan Hunter and Aiden Burns. It was ten minutes in when Matthew broke the deadlock, scoring the opening goal of the match.

In the second half Glory pretty much played more of the same because it seemed to keep Molong at bay. Harley was dead calm in the back and dived on everything that came into his goal area. Midway through the second half Molong however, did break through once, and scored an equaliser.

It was tense as the score-line stayed tight at one-all until that diabolical last minute. Molong broke through on the left wing and snuck in a cruel and, match winning goal. With forty seconds on the clock left to play, that should have been that and the Molong players and sideline celebrated their victory loudly. But the Glory had other ideas and dished out a huge serve of justice with the best attack of the match; Aidan Hunter kicked off with a flamboyant back roll, Matthew took the ball forwards and passed it back to Aidan in open space who then crossed square to Aiden Burns on the right. And Burnsie, who could already boast on a fantastic game in attack, did what he does best; he flicked the ball over two defenders' legs, and passed it straight across goal for Matthew to poke in the equaliser right on full time, leaving Molong completely dumbfounded, finishing in a two-all draw.

Under-12 Lions

Sarah De Pijper had an outstanding game for the Lions, excellent in defence and attack.

Sarah De Pijper had an outstanding game for the Lions, excellent in defence and attack.

On Saturday the Blayney Lions were at Jack Brabham up against Cyms Gold. Blayney had a shakey start on the cold morning, 2 unfortunate goals against us in the first 10 minutes of the match, however we found our feet shortly after and didnt give up after an unlucky beggining to the match.

Between excellent movement of the ball in our attacking half and some great defence Blayney soon took control of the game for final 15 minutes of the first half. Sarah and Hugo were everywhere the ball was keeping possession and finding passes out to the wingers Riley, Kade and Neo.

Jayden took up a sweeper position and stayed strong with Leyton, Emily and Liam, rejecting Cyms attempts at goal.

Brayden and Braeden showed some impressive skills when attacking Cyms goal. We started off strong in the second half 2-1 down, but before too long fitness became a killer and everyone was dead on their feet. Fatigue allowed Cyms to cement the game by putting away more goals before the final whistle.