Millthorpe Matters | 11,000 people makes for record-setting markets

The food and wine stall enjoyed by all at the last highly-successful market day.
The food and wine stall enjoyed by all at the last highly-successful market day.

Whatever the positive equivalent of a 'perfect storm' is, the organisers, vendors and attendees of the Markets on Sunday April 7, experienced it; 'calm sailing' perhaps?

The combination of warm, breezy, autumn weather, and wide promotion, brought in the crowds in record numbers.

Estimates of attendance figures exceeded 11,000 people and had dogs been permitted entry, that number could have been even higher... close to the April 2015 record. Congratulations to the wonderful organising committee, and the many volunteers, staff and students of Millthorpe Public, without whose dedicated help the markets could not run as smoothly.

The lay-out of the markets, the thoughtful placing of refreshments and the various sites with musical entertainment, worked marvellously. The hay-bales for seating were also appreciated.

Railway Station Success

Millthorpe's 'Stop on Request' train service at the recently re-opened station is proving a great success. Informal statistics, compiled by a local train enthusiast, indicate that in excess of 90% of possible train services, namely the daily XPT, and the Country Explorer, are stopping at Millthorpe for passengers arriving or departing. After only a month in operation, this vindicates the tireless work of locals and the vision of the government in funding the new infrastructure.

Millthorpe Public School

The final assembly of the term on Friday 12 April proved to be an exciting occasion. After the presentation of academic, environmental, sporting and community awards, certificates and banners, after the speeches, choir performance and the presenting of class sets of 'Certificates of Appreciation' about the reopening of the railway station, by the Millthorpe Village Committee, came the big news of the day.

Local State member, Paul Toole, took to the microphone to announce that Millthorpe Public has been chosen for an extensive building program which will involve the replacement of demountable classrooms with permanent ones, plus other facilities, to fully equip the school and its staff for a bright future.

Food Week

Angullong Cellar Door hosted 'The Butcher and the Winemaker' on Monday 8 April. Twenty keen participants learnt sausage-making skills from Stefan Birmili, sipped Angullong wines, ate a good lunch featuring their bespoke sausages, and enjoyed the perfect autumn weather.


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