Cadia donates $12,500 to Can Assist.

Melissa O'Brien and Lyn Wurth at the presentation.
Melissa O'Brien and Lyn Wurth at the presentation.

Blayney Can Assist event coordinator Lyn Wurth was shaking with excitement on Monday when she discovered that the amount raised by the recent Cadia Open Day was almost double what they expected to raise.

"The most we expected was around $6,000 so when Melissa O'Brien from Cadia announced that they'd raised $12,500 I was in shock," she said.

Mrs O'Brien said that the money raised came from the gold coin donations for the trip, lunches provided by Can Assist and the generosity of Blayney Shire Council.

"The council wavered the fee to use the community centre so we donated that fee to Can Assist as well," she said.

"Cadia donated one dollar for every dollar raised from this fantastic community event."

Mrs Wurth said that Can Assist's average yearly income was $6,000 and this donation from Cadia was met by excitement and shock.

"Thanks so much to Cadia and the community for their support," she said.