What's going on around Blayney

What's going on around Blayney

Anglican church

Maundy Thursday: 6pm Blayney: Agape meal

Good Friday: 10.00am Millthorpe - Good Friday Liturgy; 10am The Way of the Cross Carcoar (combining with Roman Catholic); 2.00pm Solemn Liturgy Blayney.

Saturday: 5.00pm Carcoar

Easter Day: 8am Blayney; 9.30am Trunkey Creek; 9.30am Blayney; 9.30am Millthorpe

Millthorpe Uniting

Good Friday 9am; Easter Sunday 11am.

Neville Hobbys Yards

There will be no service at Neville UCA this Easter Sunday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

St James Catholic

Holy Thursday April 18 - Mass of the Lord's supper, St Joseph's Hall Blayney 6pm

Good Friday - Stations of the Cross

'Passio Christi': Carcoar 10am, Passion of our Lord: Blayney 3pm.

Holy Saturday vigil: Carcoar 6pm.

Easter Sunday dawn service: Church Hill Blayney 6.30am, Millthorpe 7.30am, St Joseph's Hall 9am