Blayney Rams beat Dubbo Rhinos 33-14

Blayney Rams have notched up their first points in the New Holland Agricultural Cup with a convincing 33 -14 win over the Dubbo Rhinos.

15 minutes into the match a quick break by Ricky Scott opened up the field, but some strong defence by the Rhino's kept the Rams back in their pen.

Dubbo was flustered though and after some quick hands Blayney barged across the line with Ethan Hobby grounding the ball for their first five points of the day.

That was soon followed by Deryne McKenzie who with his tell-tale locks of hair trailing gloriously behind him dived over to bring the score up to 10-0.

On this occasion Bryce Sutton nailed the ball between the posts and Blayney were 12-0 in front.

The Rams though were starting to show some fatigue, and in the last 15 minutes of the first half the majority of the play was in the Rams half of the field.

A great piece of kick, chase and kick again by Joey Hobby and Adam Hamilton saw the scoreline hit 19-0.

Rams coach Steve Hamson said that the side was certainly showing signs of being tired, but the side's solid defence kept the Rhinos scoreless at half time.

"Our defence was far more effective this week than last," he said. "But we need to reduce the amount of penalties that they give away each week."

In the second half Dubbo came back with a few cinders in their belly and Andrew Seton was the first to notch up a Rhino's point. Dubbo's Dale Smith also grounded the ball across the line in the dying stages of the game but Blayney's Jack Ryan and Rick Scott nullified those achievements earlier in the match by scoring a try a piece.

With a week off due to Easter, the Rams will have time to consider just how to the compete against the Narromine Gorillas on April 27.

"You need to be respectful of what they've done in the past, but you don't want to go up their worrying about them too much," he said.

"Narromine's is shaping up to be the side to beat."