Blayney View Club | Spinning is good for the brain

2018 Orange: Noel McCumstie, Dawn Williams and Anne Jones will display the art and craft. Photo: JUDE KEOGH.

2018 Orange: Noel McCumstie, Dawn Williams and Anne Jones will display the art and craft. Photo: JUDE KEOGH.

Huge thanks to member Dawn Williams, who stepped in at the last minute to be our guest speaker at the March dinner.

Dawn's interest in spinning began 30 years ago and has obviously become an obsession!

Most members thought that spinning was something one usually did with wool, on a spinning wheel but Dawn also spins cotton, silk, alpaca, mohair and flax.

She showed us different types of silk and wool and also the beautiful blend of cashmere and silk.

When Dawn first began spinning she needed to learn how to deal with the different types of wool, all of which are quite different to spin.

She brought along a beautiful bag she had made with six different types of wool! The question she is most frequently asked is, 'Why bother?'

Her answer is that when spinning, she is learning all the time and great flexibility is needed which is very good for the brain!

She says that for her, the whole process is very relaxing and spinning really 'puts her in the zone'!

As well as the different threads, she showed us a variety of spindles.

Most people in Australia begin spinning on a wheel but often move to a spindle. The spindle is much more portable and enables you to spin in a variety of places, not needing to 'lug' a wheel with you.

Dawn does quite a bit of spinning on a spindle now.

We saw traditional spindles form Asia, Russia and Turkey and Dawn told us that in places such as Peru, children begin spinning as early as six years old and are very proficient by the time they are eight years old.

It was a real treat to have such an informative talk from one of our members.

We had two guests at the March dinner and certainly hope to see those ladies again.

We also paid tribute to Cheryl, one of our members who sadly died suddenly and unexpectedly. A candle was it and a minutes silence observed to reflect on our memories of her.

Our next dinner will be on Tuesday, April 16, 6.30pm for 7pm at the Exchange Hotel. We have felt very welcome at the Exchange since our recent move there and thank them for being willing to accommodate us, and of course to Kathryn for continuing to cook for us.

Our guest speaker this month will be Maisie Dickie, who will tell us about her recent trip to Thailand where she was involved in looking after elephants. This is looking like a very exciting evening!

Members are reminded that if they do not intend to be at that dinner, they need to let Ros know by Friday, April 12 on 0412 291 054.