SFF Brenden May out polls Labor's Beau Riley in Blayney

Paul Toole
Paul Toole

In Saturday's state election the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers candidate Brenden May received more first preference voters in the Blayney Shire polling booths than Labor candidate Beau Riley.

At the Blayney Community Centre polling booth Paul Toole received 1,028 first preference votes, Mr May received 393 and Mr Riley 307.

Once preferences were applied Mr Toole received 1,120 votes and Mr Riley 440.

Of the other candidates Sustainable Australia candidate Michael Begg received 60 votes, Green's David Harvey received 50 votes and Keep Sydney Open's Tim Hansen received 27 first preference votes.

In Millthorpe Mr Toole received 443 first preference votes with Forest Reef's local Mr May polling 155 votes which was 38 more than Mr Riley's 117.

After preferences were distributed from the Green's 53 votes, SAP's 18 votes and KSO's 17, Mr Toole had 493 votes and Mr Riley had 195.

Down in Carcoar and Mandurama the results were consistent with the other booths.

In Carcoar Mr Toole received 89 first preference votes, Mr Riley 38, while local contender Tim Hansen received 13, Mr May 41, Mr Riley 38, Mr Harvey 3 and Mr Begg 5.

Mandurama awarded the Nats with 234 votes, SFF 75, CLP 51, Greens 14, SAP 9 and KSO 2.

In Blayney there was barely any mention of Mr Toole's thoughts and actions on the abandoned amalgamation between Blayney, Cabonne and Orange councils.

In Oberon though their memories seem to linger much longer and a three year long campaign against Mr Toole certainly made a difference there.

In 2015, Mr Toole picked up 1044 first preference votes out of the 1536 cast at Oberon High [68 per cent] but four years on that number was down to 570 out of 1219 votes cast [47 per cent].

Brenden May from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party was the main beneficiary of the backlash against Mr Toole, picking up 364 primary votes [30 per cent] - his best result from the 41 booths across the electorate and double his overall first preference percentage of 14.24.

Mr May's how-to-vote flyers preferenced Country Labor's Beau Riley number two but the distribution of preferences from all the minor candidates saw them evenly shared between Mr Toole and Mr Riley.