Blayney's Stars of Orange Dance for Cancer

The Stars of Orange Dance for Cancer event takes the concept of Dancing with the Stars and localises it.

So when hairdresser Sarah-Jane Gilliver was approached by a client who is on the organising committee of this year's Stars of Orange Dance for Cancer event, and was told that she'd nominated her, Sarah-Jane's first choice of partner was dance teacher Emma Nixon.

Together the pair have leapt, or jeté, at the chance to show Orange just how well Blayney can do fundraising.

"It's going to be fun, it's going to be exciting and we can raise a lot of money for what is a really worthy cause," Emma said.

The old familiar Blayney vs Orange rivalry is one of the driving forces for the pair who are determined to show just how well Blayney helps support their own.

"Our team goal is $2500," Sarah-Jane said, "We're going to have donation boxes, chocolate drives and trivia nights to help raise funds."

With Sarah-Jane working in her salon and Emma running lessons every afternoon, finding the time to practice is going to be one of the difficult aspects for the pair.

"We're feeling confident that we'll have a great routine and  plan on practising once a week up until the end when we'll probably do it twice a week," Sarah-Jane said.

One of the most exciting parts of the show is discovering just what each contestant will be presenting, and as this pair attests, they're not letting anything out.

"It's a total secret,' Emma said. 

To help Sarah-Jane reach their target head over to