Blayney skatepark gets thumbs up from users.

Blayney’s new skate park has been extremely well received by locals and visitors, with some declaring it the best skate park around.

Molong skater Peter Oste said that he’s been skating for nearly 30 years and advised all enthusiasts that it’s certainly worth travelling for.

“The bowl is a really good design and for skating enthusiasts it’s certainly worth travelling out here to use it,” he said.

Bathurst scooter rider Anthony Barber said that he was now a regular in Blayney.

“I’ll be coming here on my days off because it’s better than the ones in Bathurst,” he said.

Blayney rider Luke Rennie said that the surface was brilliant and it’s really given the young people in town something to do.

“It’s just so smooth and easy to ride on," he said. “If it wasn’t here I’d just be sitting at home on my phone getting bored.”

Travis Farrell gave the park a thumbs up as well.

“It’s by far the best skate park I’ve ever been to,” he said.

The only negative comments were the lack of landing space for bikes and the lack of shade on hot days.