Queensland fires: NSW firefighters deployed to help | Photos, pictures

AS devastating bushfires sweep through parts of Queensland, a group of Central West firefighters have headed north to help.

Five NSW Fire and Rescue (FRNSW) firefighters from across the Central West are among crews who are assisting their interstate colleagues battle blazes and protect communities.

FRNSW Kelso Captain Scott Wilson is among a 26-person strike team, along with Kelso brigade deputy captain Shane Kearney, Michael Burns (Bathurst brigade), Guy Saddler (Blayney) and Michael Munns (Kandos).

The team flew into Bundaberg on Sunday for a five-day deployment.

They are working alongside NSW Rural Fire Service and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews as they battle the Deepwater fire which is burning through thick bushland near isolated properties.

“The conditions were really hot and windy … we were doing property protection as our main role,” Captain Wilson said.

The conditions were really hot and windy … we were doing property protection as our main role.

NSW Fire and Rescue Kelso Captain Scott Wilson

He said it had been many years since Queensland has had such long-running fires with these blazes going since November 25.

“These big campaign fires are something they haven’t really seen in a while,” Captain Wilson said.

This is the first time that FRNSW Kandos firefighter Michael Munns has been sent on deployment to assist communities outside the Central West during a fire emergency.

“They needed help so I put my hand up for it, I don’t like to sit back while others need help,” he said.

Mr Munns said while rain had fallen in the fireground during the last couple of days, weather conditions were very bad when he and other members of his strike team arrived.

“The first day we got here it was hot and dry and blowing a gale,” he said of the conditions which helped fuel the fires.

“It was hot and dry and there’s a lot of fuel to burn as well.”

Captain Wilson said while the FRNSW crews were being paid for their time interstate to assist battling the blaze, their deployment was voluntary.

“They put a call out to anyone who was interested,” he said.

“It’s what we joined for and the main thing it to help other communities.”

The strike team of firefighters will fly home on Thursday.