Millthorpe Matters: Weather gods shine on Garden Ramble

The weather on Friday 2 November did not bode well. High temperatures, strong winds and restless skies had the Garden Ramble organisers and participants feeling anxious.

The official opening of the Ramble Weekend took place at the Angullong Cellar Door in Millthorpe on Friday evening as the unexpected storm unleashed, forcing the assembled into the old stables.

In the following half hour some 25mm rain fell, but the weather gods, having delivered rain, smiled on the weekend which dawned fresh and clear.

Millthorpe and its surrounds sparkled, spreading its special magic over the many happy ramblers.

An estimate, based on ticket sales and similar takings to 2017, puts the number of Ramble attendees at 1500+ people.

The range of gardens, from small, relatively new village gardens, to park-like, established gardens on larger properties, provided something for everyone.

Congratulations to the Ramble Committee for their meticulous organisation, to the many volunteers and businesses which supported the event, to the Art Trail participants.

And huge congratulations and thanks to the twelve households which so generously opened their gardens to the appreciative public.

The extra effort by all the garden owners, in a year of drought, to prepare their gardens, has been nothing short of heroic.

The heartbeat of the village’s community is strong and Millthorpe’s reputation as a lovely historic village continues to grow.

Skate Park Art

The Millthorpe Skate Park Street Art initiative got underway on Sunday 21 October. Smaller artworks painted by a professional street artist and the winners of the Millthorpe Street Art Competition were completed.

A crowd of spectators and participants of around 30 attended to take part in the transformation of Skate Park to Artwork. Congratulations to Darren Yates and the Youth Club.

Club Millthorpe

Ideas and suggestions are being sought by the board of the Millthorpe Bowling Club to help ensure its ongoing viability as a much-loved and long-time venue in the village. The musical events, restaurant meals, twilight bowls competitions, parties, meetings and other family and community events, are the life-blood for the club. Your support is vital.


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