Thefts are down but violent assaults are on the up

Cases of stealing from retail stores, dwellings and people, as well as cases of fraud, have all dropped in Blayney during the past year, new data shows.

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) data details Blayney’s crime figures for the 12 months to June 2018.

That new data though shows that both domestic and non-domestic violence-related assaults have increased, as have indecent assaults, acts of indecency and other sexual offences.

Also on the increase are thefts from motor vehicles.

The category of domestic violence-related assaults has seen the greatest rate of increase from 14 reported cases in 2017 to 40 in 2018, a 185 per cent increase.

There was also an increase in the number of non domestic violence related assaults from 20 to 24 during the reporting period.

In that same 12 months, indecent assaults and other sexual offences increased from 8 to 13, a 62.5 per cent increase.

On a positive note, break and enter from dwellings has fallen 38 per cent from 39 to 24 cases, from non dwellings the rate has halved from 26 to 13 and five less cars were stolen, the rate dropping from 16 to 11.

It’s only in the stealing from a motor vehicle category that the numbers increased, from 20 to 33, a 65 per cent increase.

Stealing from a dwelling decreased substantially from 20 cases in the period to June 2017 to only 9 in 2018, a 55 per cent decrease.

Fraud cases decreased 26 per cent from 19 to June 2017 to 14 to June 2018.

Blayney recorded no cases of robbery without a weapon, robbery with a firearm, robbery with a weapon not a firearm or any murders.

Malicious damage to property was the most reported crime among the 17 categories, but with 45 cases being reported up until June 2018, it is still lower than the 59 cases reported in the same period to June in 2017.