Bear's League Tag win at home in the last minutes

When it comes to a game of football that makes you down tools and cheer on the home side, it was Sunday’s league tag match between then bed-mates on the ladder, the Blayney Bears and Orange CYMS.

It was the kind of turnaround Blayney Bears league tag coach Steve Mooney declared was the ‘best comeback ever.’

That turnaround began mid-way through the second half when a spectacular break by Tash Hobby threw the CYMS into disarray. 

Capitalising on the disorder in the CYMS ranks Courtney Simmons and Sophie Stammers flipped the ball with ease and Simmons was able to peg a try to the scoreboard.

For Mooney it was his side’s ability to make good use of the opportunities that presented themselves that made all the difference.

“There was a lot of good thinking there in the last ten minutes,” he said.

“The competition is so good now that if you’re not on your game, you get beaten.”

Then some individual brilliance by Olivia Bird, a double kick and chase from the kick-off, set up a try by Stammers that saw the Bears within reach of a win that looked unlikely only minutes earlier. 

Then once more it was a well crafted bounce from a chip by Grace Mooney that set the chase for Georgia Calub who gathered the ball and scored as close to the posts as was possible.

That final try brought the scoreboard to 24 a piece.

The conversion was nailed by Bird, and the side just had to hold CYMS back for the final 90 seconds to win the game.

Mooney said that his new players like Peyton Toschack, who scored one of the tries from dummy half, were now starting to show some real talent.

“They’re really getting their confidence up and they’re having a lot of fun,” he said.