Recidivist driving offender is jailed for nine months

A BLAYNEY man has been jailed after being caught driving while disqualified for the 28th time.

Bobby Kahlil, 47, of Torrens Street, Blayney, appeared before Magistrate Michael Allen on June 4, where he was convicted and jailed.

Police facts tendered to the court told how 3.10pm on May 27 this year, Kahlil was caught driving when his licence was disqualified.

The accused’s antecedents, handed to the court, outlined what police describe as “an appalling traffic history” with the accused continuing to “commit the same offences time and time again despite restrictions imposed by police or punishment administered by the courts”.

The facts outlined how “once upon a time” the accused was a holder of a NSW Class C Provisional Driver’s Licence, but it was cancelled prior to 1998.

The accused was charged with driving while disqualified while his licence was cancelled a total of eight times before he was disqualified from driving on September 17, 1998.

The court heard Kahlil has since been charged with driving while disqualified a total of 27 times prior to this latest incident.

The accused is currently disqualified from holding a driver’s licence until January 19, 2038.

Police facts outlined that on May 23, 2017, the accused attended Bathurst Local Court where he answered a charge of driving while disqualified (second or subsequent offence) and was given an intensive correctional order for 18 months, ending November 22, 2018.

On January 14, 2018, he was issued with another field court attendance notice for driving while disqualified (second or subsequent offence).

At 3.10pm on Sunday, May 27, he was stopped by police who were conducting random breath tests in Ogilvy Street, Blayney. Police spoke with the accused, asked for his driver’s licence and he said: “I don’t have one.”

For driving a motor vehicle during a disqualification period (second-plus offence), Kahlil was disqualified from driving a further 12 months and imprisoned for a period of nine months (six months non parole) from May 28, 2018. He will be eligible for parole on November 26.

Mr Allen also dealt with matters relating to Kahlil’s arrest at Blayney on January 13, 2018, which included driving a motor vehicle during disqualification period. He was disqualified 12 months and jailed nine months with a non parole period of six months from May 27.