Men’s health is in the bag

It’s not something that a lot of men are comfortable chatting about, but it’s long been recognised that it’s to our detriment that we tend to keep any health concerns to ourselves, and away from the knowledge of doctors and partners.

However that is changing and it’s the men’s sheds around the country, including the one in Blayney, that is changing the way that we men can talk about our well-being.

Every June the Australian Men’s Shed Association run Men’s Health Week and this year the Blayney Men’s Shed will be running a special clinic for all men at the Blayney Community Centre on Friday June 22.

This year the theme is Go Dad Go! Healthy “dads” make healthy communities and president of the Blayney Men’s Shed, Ian Tooke, said that the club is encouraging all men in the community to come along for a chat and a check up.

“The free clinic will be running from 10am and the staff from Blayney community health will be there to monitor blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and give advice on any other health issues that you may have,” he said.

He also added that the Blayney Men’s Shed and Blayney Community Health will be running health checks at CTLX on the 10th of August. 

Many of the leading causes of death for Australian males (at most ages) are linked to poor lifestyle choices, so men and their families can play a big role in improving the status of men’s health in Australia.

Australian Men’s Shed Association Executive Officer David Helmers said that this year’s theme is a great opportunity to recognise the capacity of shedders as role models.

“Shedders have the opportunity to display the ways in which their positive and proactive approach to health and wellbeing promotes healthy behaviours across the community, as well as strengthens the health of thousands of older Australian men participating in the Men’s Shed movement,” he said.