Yanny or Laurel: sound bite sparks social media debate

If you listen carefully, you might hear a bit of bickering over a little sound bite.

The nation could be well-and-truly split over an audio trick with the single-second-soundtrack seemingly speaking different truths to different ears.

Some are adamant it says “Yanny”, while the opposing camp swears it sounds like “Laurel”.

The trick has confounded and divided and sparked social media debate reminiscent of the contradictory coloured dress of 2016.

A photo of a dress did the rounds on social media, a few years ago, which spiralled into a pedantic parley about its pigments, pitting people in opposing camps.

Some believed it was blue-and-black, while opponents saw gold-and-white.

Professor David Alais from the University of Sydney, an expert in audio-visual perception, suggested the aural answer was found in the frequencies.

He postulated Yanny could be heard at higher frequencies, while Laurel was found lurking in the bass.