Mother's impact statement during baby rape case

THE mother of a baby who was just nine months old when she was raped by her biological father near Blayney has spoken of the profound impact the assault has had on her daughter.

The baby’s father – now 52, who cannot be identified – is being sentenced in the current sittings of the Bathurst District Court on two counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 10 and under authority.

The man’s male partner, also 52, has already been sentenced in the Sydney Downing Centre to a non-parole period of 11 years, three months for his role in the assault.

The mother, who also cannot be identified, courageously delivered a victim impact statement to the court on Wednesday, her voice wavering as she read it.

She said she would never understand how a person “could be so perverted to want to rape his own nine-month-old child”.

“Or any nine-month-old child. Or a daughter of his own of any age,” she said.

“I remember watching the news with you years ago. When stories of paedophiles came up, you used to get so angry. I guess that is all part of the showman that you are.”

The mother said she had been criticised for leaving the child with the man, but said the baby’s father was the one person she should have been able to trust to keep her safe. “You even had your working with children qualification and had done work involving kids.”

She was frustrated that the accused’s identity “is protected” by suppression orders.

“We are not. I am the mother who left her child for two and a half hours. In that time you ended up raping her and sharing her videos, photos and graphic descriptions via Skype.”

The mother said she had been judged, but “the public can’t hate you … they don’t know your name ... you get all the protection you need.”

The mum also spoke about the impact on her daughter.

“They say at that age she won’t remember. Well, she does. I will not go into detail because of your perverted mind, but it is a daily occurrence,” she said.

The mother also spoke about her dilemma when her daughter is old enough to ask about her father.

“What do I say? Do I tell her the truth, that her father is in jail because he raped her?

“Do I tell her whenever another person appears on the news for possessing child exploitation material, she could be part of their collection?”

The man will be sentenced by Judge Lakatos in the Bathurst District Court at 10am on Friday.