VIEW Club | Looking forward to the year ahead

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Helen Knox, Cherie Eason, Elizabeth Russ, Virginia Happ, Virginia DeSantis, Joy Richie, Yvonne Neely, Roslyn MacRae, Sue Townsend.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Helen Knox, Cherie Eason, Elizabeth Russ, Virginia Happ, Virginia DeSantis, Joy Richie, Yvonne Neely, Roslyn MacRae, Sue Townsend.

The Blayney VIEW Club’s annual general meeting (AGM) in February must have been one of the loveliest, ‘lightest’ AGM’s in the history of organisations.

All positions were filled and though many committee members have been ‘recycled’, all are very happy with their current roles and we look forward to a fun year.

Sue Townsend gave a lovely report on her past year as president, reminding us of the many and varied guest speakers we’ve had as well as fundraising events.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just what happens in a year of VIEW and this was a great reminder of fun times, various dinner venues and interesting guest speakers.

Sue began her report with the words, “Tonight, I stand before you as your president and friend...” and as a club we are so very lucky to have a president who truly is a friend to all.

In 2018 our club’s prime positions are – president - Sue Townsend, secretary - Joy Richie and treasurer - Ros MacRae.

Other committee members filling various roles are Sally Green, Yvonne Neely, Elizabeth Russ, Virginia DeSantis, Virginia Happ, Helen Knox and Cherie Eason.

At the AGM we welcomed zone councillor Therese Welch who hails from Eugowra.

Therese read the VIEW code of conduct and then presented committee members with their badges.

She also addressed us briefly on the 2018 theme which is, ‘Making Connections, Making a Difference.’

Part of Therese’s presentation was letting us know that part-time VIEW members are welcome.

So, any ladies in the local community who feel that they cannot or do not want to commit to regular attendance, should not be put off by this.

Also, non-members are able to come along to three dinner meetings before they will be asked to join the club.

Our regular monthly meetings are open to anyone who would like to come along, enjoy a meal and a guest speaker and see what VIEW is all about.

As a member, you will never be harassed into selling raffle tickets, or manning a stall to raise funds.

The VIEW Club raises money for the Smith Family by charging a little extra for meals at our meetings.

At our last meeting we welcomed Lyn Wurth as a new member and we also welcomed Mary Rodwell as a guest. Mary visits the area on a regular basis and is happy to attend our dinners when she is here.

For our AGM we returned to Blayney Bowling Club, where the VIEW Club met when we first began.

We hope that it will be our regular venue for some time now. We were somewhat ‘nomadic’ during 2017.

Thanks to Kathryn Cumberland for our catering.

NEXT MEETING            

Our next dinner meeting will be at Blayney Bowling Club on Tuesday March 20 at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start.

The guest speaker for this meeting will be Viviana Hamilton who will speak about her trip to Ireland when her daughter played rugby for Australia and also about women’s sport in general.

If you’d like to hear Viviana speak and are not a VIEW Member, just phone Ros and let her know that you’d like to come to our dinner.

The cost is $25.

A reminder that every member is expected to attend unless you have phoned in an apology to Ros MacRae on 0412 291 054.

Your apology must be given to Ros MacRae by the Friday prior to the meeting so this month, so it must be in by March 16.


Blayney District Evening VIEW Club was formed in 1997.

Currently, the club sponsors eight Smith Family Learning for Life students and is actively involved in fundraising activities to raise donations for The Smith Family programs.

We are always open to new members, so please get in touch today and come and see what it's all about.


Meeting day is held on the third Tuesday of the month at Blayney Bowling Club, Osman Street, Blayney.

No meetings will be held in the months of July and August.


Secretary Joy Richie 02 5310 7818