People’s library in Lyndhurst is open

Lyndhurst may not have many things in common with Portland in the United States, but one thing that it does have in common is a free street library.

Free street libraries first began appearing as an art project around Portland in 2011.

Situated just outside the front gates of Lyndhurst Public School, the library is designed to allow members of the public who like a good read to give and take a book whenever they feel the need.

“We have a really good relationship here at Lyndhurst between the school and the community and we love to encourage reading, so we decided to open this little library to encourage our love of reading,” said the school’s principal, Victoria Rendes.

Unlike traditional libraries there are no time limits, no technologies involved or a scary librarian.

“This library is all about trust,” Ms Rendes said, “You give a book, and you take a book.”