Women’s sport is the top priority

As the profile of women’s sport expands on the grounds and on the screen, the drive for improved facilities for women across the shire should be our top priority says a committee member on the Blayney Sports Council, Adam Hornby.

With the Draft Blayney Shire Sport and Recreation plan due to be adopted at the December 18 meeting, Mr Hornby believes that that plan is a solid one and is certainly worth having, but it doesn’t mean that sporting groups need to wait.

“We now have a growing girl’s cricket team, and we have the league tag of course,” he said, “and at the moment the situation for both of them is simply not acceptable.”

One of the recommendations in the report is turning Dakars Oval into a common park area due to the possibility of flooding, but irrespective of that, Mr Hornby believes that a toilet is a necessity at the ground.

“It’s especially necessary for the girls who can’t just nick behind a tree like the boys can, they have to go all the way to the supermarket,” he said.

Initially Mr Hornby was sceptical of the draft plan, but after discussions with Blayney council staff, he’s now behind it.

“I was also worried that all funding attempts for items like the female change rooms at King George would be pushed back but I’ve been reassured by Grant Baker that that’s not the case and they will still be apply for those funds when available,” he said.

“Ideally those changerooms should be up and running by next season because as it is, it’s an incident waiting to happen.”