60.2% in Calare voted ‘Yes’

The Calare electorate has emphatically voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage, saying "yes" to the historic social change by a substantial margin of 60.2 per cent to 39.8 per cent, in line with the national result of 61.6 per cent. 

MP Andrew Gee has called for the federal Parliament to pass the same sex marriage legislation before Christmas.

“I think the survey has given all Australians the opportunity to have their say in this debate and now the results are in I think that Australia needs to come together and unify,” Mr Gee said.

Blayney Anglican Parish Priest Anastasia Webster-Hawes said that personally she was delighted but it certainly wasn’t the official position of the church.

“Unfortunately this won’t be accepted by the church even if it’s legislated,” she said, “personally I’d love to be able to marry same-sex couples, but the church certainly has a way to go and is stuck in the male and female concept of marriage.”

The Pastor of the Blayney Community Baptist Church, Brad Hewitt, said that he was disappointed to hear about the ‘Yes’ vote.

“I and the Baptist Churches of Australia still believe in a biblical model of marriage being between a man and a woman for life,” he said.

“While I don’t agree with the vote, I understand that the people have spoken and this is the direction we are going as nation. I hope that as we navigate the legislation over the next few months that both sides work together to preserve freedom of beliefs including protection for those who don’t want to support same-sex marriages.”

Pastor Graeme Summerson from the Abundant Life Church said that the result was not the one he had hoped for, but everyone must now move on.

“I have a belief system that is based on The Bible,” he said. “My neighbour might be gay, lesbian, Muslim or Christian. The bible tells me to love my neighbour, and that’s where I’ll start,”