Rich Bowden riding in Great Cycle Challenge

Cycling, as a form of exercise, has many benefits for the person doing it.

From the obvious health benefits from cardio-vascular exercise to the clarity of thought that the meditative aspects of cycling gives, hopping on the bike is one of the best ways to get some exercise, and enjoy some free transport, that there is.

For Blayney resident Rich Bowden there were many driving factors that motivated him to get back on his bike and get active.

One is the Healthy and Happy Wellness Challenge that asks groups and individuals to get up and active in the community, the other was the opportunity to raise money for cancer research for kids.

“I needed to do some exercise and I think that you’re more likely to succeed in your exercise regime if you actually enjoy what you’re doing,” he said.

“I love cycling and I really started it up again about five years ago as a way of losing weight, and then I saw on Facebook that there was a campaign to raise money for research into kid’s cancer called the Great Cycle Challenge so I have signed up for that as well,” he said.

A freelance writer, Mr Bowden said that when his mind gets cloudy with ideas and he needs to clarify his thoughts, hopping on the bike is his favourite tool.

“It has this amazing meditative power that once you start pedalling you kind of leave all those thoughts behind, and when you get back, everything is more clear,” he said.

Mr Bowden has set himself a goal of 200 kilometres and $500 for his first stint as a cycling fundraiser. 

“If you go to the Great Cycling Challenge website and search for my name, you can donate money that goes in to researching ways to beat cancer,” he said.

As a freelance writer, Mr Bowden has no need to ride to work, but his own experiences are so positive that he urges anyone that’s looking for a way to get fit, to consider hopping on the old treadly and taking an easy spin to work.

“There are no screens, it’s nice and calm, an escape from the constant demands of technology and you become more aware of what’s around you.

“I’m seeing more kids now riding their bikes to school and that’s great to see them back doing things like they used to in days gone by.”

To donate money head to