Nyree Reynolds concedes defeat in Blayney elections

Nyree Reynolds
Nyree Reynolds

Although the final count won’t be decided until Friday evening, the three female candidates in the September 9 poll, Nyree Reynolds, Delanie Sky and Anastasia Webster-Hawes are all unlikely to get a seat on council.

As the first round of votes rolled in, Ms Reynolds said that her initial reaction was disappointment, but now having had time to sit back and reflect, she’s quite happy with what she has achieved in her first, and only, attempt at local government.

“My numbers were small, and I don’t want to sound arrogant or anything, but I feel a bit like Paul Keating when he said that this was one for the true believers,” she said.

‘I received my votes not from promising something that I can’t deliver, but from what I have achieved in the community.”

Having met with all the possible councillors during the pre-poll process, Ms Reynolds said that promises made would make for an interesting council.

“I was told that you don’t promise anything and if you do, you must deliver.” 

With her first campaign under her belt, Nyree said that she won’t be taking another crack in three years time.

‘Now that I’ve seen what goes on, I definitely won’t be running ever again, but it’s been very interesting and I feel a lot stronger within myself for having done it.

Nyree offered heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for her.

“It was a challenging, enjoyable, huge learning curve experience and finding out after the closing of the polls I had the support of all of you I felt I hadn't chosen to be a candidate for nothing. You have made me stronger in my resolve to work within our community as just me. And for that I once again say, Mandaang guwu.