Bears are looking at a winless year

Blayney Bears captain/coach Will Ingram said that he’d be pulling out all the stops in their match against St Pats on Sunday, and he certainly led by example, especially in the second half, notching up two solid tries against a side that was as determined as they were, to win.

Unfortunately for the Bears, the Saints had no plan on letting the bears snare a win and during the first half, the Bears were scoreless.

The blue and white were fired up at the opening whistle and opened the scoring inside the first 10 minutes through Chris Shephard.

Pat’s got out to a 14-0 lead when Derryn Clayton and Nathan Lawrence found the try line.

Back-to-back tries for Andy Adams and Garry Reilly in the shadows of half-time stung the hosts.

With the winds at their backs for the second half the Bears started to work themselves back into the contest.

Will Ingram and Tim Smith got the score back to 24-10 but Clayton’s second try of the day halted the hosts’ momentum.

Ingram managed to then find his second try of the day but Shephard managed to do the same, and in the process seal the win for the Saints.

Shephard found two tries against Blayney to repeat his effort from last time the Saints played the Bears.

This weekend the Bears are up against CYMS, a side they came very close to defeating earlier in the season.

ST PAT’S 36 (Chris Shephard 2, Derryn Clayton 2, Nathan Lawrence, Andy Adams, Garry Reilly tries, Reilly 4 conversions) BLAYNEY BEARS 14 (Will Ingram 2, Tim Smith tries; Josh Rainbow 2 conversions)