Webster-Hawes runs with Greens

Progressive Women
Progressive Women

Anglican Reverend Anastasia Webster-Hawes has announced that she will be standing alongside Greens candidate Delanie Sky during the local government election on September 9.

Running as ‘Progressive Women for Blayney’ Rev Webster-Hawes stated that with their combined experience and commitment to the Greens four pillars of social justice, environmental and economic sustainability, grassroots democracy and peace, that they are dedicated in striving for positive action on community well-being as members of the new Council.

“I am standing as an endorsed Greens candidate, due to a shared vision of a society that cares about people individually, the community, and the environment, with what the Greens call ‘grassroots democracy’ - in other words, giving everyone an equal voice - as the foundation for including all aspects of our community in decisions about the Shire’s future,” Reverend Webster-Hawes said.

Rev Webster-Hawes said that with her broad education and wide diversity of experience in people-centred roles, that she has had a unique preparation for the role of Councillor.

“Blayney Council would benefit from more diversity, more balanced gender representation, renewal, and fresh vision, and as a candidate for our community, I hope I can offer that.

“I commit to listening to people’s needs and concerns, with a promise to put sensitivity, warmth and integrity into the care of our shire,” she said.

Delanie Sky said that their priorities if elected include community health care programs, clean green spaces, arts and culture, sustainability, as well as education, training and employment.