Millthorpe Matters | MY Club engaging the community

In late May younger members of the community gathered to form the first Millthorpe Youth Club.

At the meeting, the new members mapped out the direction for the club with the primary purpose to engage the local youth into many community projects and deliver a voice to the Millthorpe Village Committee and wider community.

Called MY Club, the aim of this youth club is to bring younger people together to create a positive change and build more opportunities for young people.

MY Club is to bring a renewed energy and creativity to the community of Millthorpe with the younger generation providing necessary skills and talents.

Speaking at the recent Millthorpe Village Committee meeting, founder of MY Club and local resident, Darrin Yates, outlined the opportunities for local young people.

“Until we developed MY Club, there has been no formal structure or process for which young people in Millthorpe can engage with local community groups and work together on local projects and events that are relevant to them,” said Yates.

“Younger people need a purpose and want to be heard.

“The structure of the club is informal with no defined roles as it creates greater collaboration.

“The aim is to help young people develop their skills and the experience of volunteering into community projects is extremely valuable.

“The idea of giving back to the community is new to them and this experience develops leadership and organisational skills.

“It is also a time for the younger people to network with their peers and adults plus develop social networks.” Already MY Club members pulled together to develop movie nights in the village for younger people.

On Saturday June 24, the club invited all local families and younger people to the Millthorpe school hall to show two films – Monsters Inc. for the younger kids and Fantastic Beasts for older kids. Each club member was assigned to develop items for the night including posters, flyers, tickets and catering. MY Club provided the evening refreshments and food and the night made a profit in excess of $400.

“We are also developing our own social media pages and brand for MY Club,” said Yates. “Already one of our club members has created our own Facebook page and together we are forming a special MY Club logo.

“This is a very special time for the younger people in Millthorpe and it makes them want to contribute more to community events.

“This club is going to make a significant contribution to the community at the same time set up life skills for all the members.”

MOVIE NIGHT: Millthorpe Youth Club put together a very successful movie night at the school hall for young families and movie lovers.

MOVIE NIGHT: Millthorpe Youth Club put together a very successful movie night at the school hall for young families and movie lovers.