VIEW Club | Sponsor student’s milestone

Yvonne Neely and Jill Bricknell at the last VIEW Club meeting. Photo: CONTRIBUTED
Yvonne Neely and Jill Bricknell at the last VIEW Club meeting. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

It was lovely to recently receive a letter from one of our sponsor students, bringing us up to date on her progress. We have sponsored this particular student for a number of years and she has often amused us with her entertaining letters. It was very encouraging to hear that she has reached a milestone in her education, having completed year 10 with all As and Bs. Her aim is to become either a lawyer or psychologist.

Our guest speaker last month was Jill Bricknell from Mission Australia who spoke about the new aged care facility in Orange for the disadvantaged. It was quite amazing to hear that based on Bureau of Statistics information around 400 people sleep rough on any given night, in the central west. Many are sleeping in drains and compactors. This facility, which is being built in the Bloomfield/Orange hospital precinct, is the first in a rural situation and will house 60 people, each in their own permanent room.

Jill mentioned that we often have a preconceived idea of a homeless person and many are quick to pass judgment on them. She reminded us that amongst the people housed in similar facilities in Sydney, are solicitors, magistrates, ex army servicemen and victims of physical and sexual assault.

In Sydney the number of men is greater than the number of women but the number of women is increasing.

The facility will have a fully qualified chef, hairdresser, café, treatment rooms and a 12 seater bus. In total there will be 27 staff, all sourced locally. Amongst the staff are a number of people who lost their jobs as a result of the closure of Myer and Electrolux.