Truckload of relief: Doug’s mission to help Dunedoo fire victims

WHEN Forest Reefs truck driver Doug Dalzell drove through the aftermath of the Dunedoo fire, the scenes took a toll on him.

“It looked like plowed country, there was nothing left,” Mr Dalzell said.

“You couldn’t see anything but the embers and all of the fire trucks.”

Mr Dalzell felt confronted with the impact the fire had on members of the Dunedoo community.

“I saw an elderly lady standing in front of a house that was burnt to the ground. It’s probably been her house her entire life,” he said.

“I came around the corner and there was a farmer pushing dead sheep into a hole.”

As a father, one scene had a lasting impact on Mr Dalzell.

“One that really got to me was two guys and two ladies with little kids pushing cattle up the road,” he said.

“The kids didn’t understand and thought they were having fun, but the look on the parents faces. 

“You could see the black dog circling the parents.”

Mr Dalzell has organised a hay run to deliver material relief to the community, including about 600 bales of hay, fencing, drench and fodder on Saturday.

“I like to think communities help communities,” he said.

“If something happened here, you’d like to think people would help you. It’s just simple stuff they may not have the money to buy at the moment.

“This winter will be really tough for them. As soon as the first frost comes in, there’s no more growth.”

Mr Dalzell said he was proud of Forest Reefs and the surrounding communities for rallying behind Dunedoo through the hay run.

“I like the fact that it’s the little guys helping, not the big guys,” he said.

“It’s not the corporations, it’s the single farmer or the single truck driver.”

Mr Dalzell is accepting financial donations for fencing for the next three weeks.

If you would like to make a donation, the account name is Dunedoo Hay Run, the BSB number is 082 774 and the account number is 8843 69523.

Donations will be passed on to members of the Lions Club of Dunedoo.

Email to get in contact with Mr Dalzell regarding a donation.