B2B caused a complete ‘stuff up’

What right has the organisers of the B2B bike ride have to shut down our town for a whole day for this activity, we pay our rates, spend our money in this town for what? Just to be ignored, no access to Barry Road, you could go up the hill around and out Medway onto the highway, down Carcoar Street to IGA with much caution.

2017 B2B riders

2017 B2B riders

Bike riders everywhere riding slowly in the middle of the left hand lane, no chance of overtaking, no lights, no hand signals, just stop dead in front of you. It’s a wonder no one was hurt or even worse. Then following the detour signs back to Medway Street to end of Carcoar Street a ROAD CLOSED sign onto highway NO LEFT TURN to access my home. One organiser said you could have driven across the park to get on the highway, NOT. These signs cannot be ignored, if caught disobeying them a big fine.Well after 2pm these roads were still blocked off with people manning them so we do the right thing.

Maybe next year all Blayney people, especially on the hill need to go out of town and spend our money elsewhere, this was a BIG BEEPING STUFF UP by all concerned, they even blocked off driveways in Adelaide Street with no access and no warning.

ANZAC day, about 5 minutes is all you allow in Adelaide Street for the march to form and get off the main, don’t our war heros and school children mean anything to this town, to respect our fallen, our children and families who support Blayney?

I know the B2B may be important too, but more consideration should be taken to the residents.

Eileen Read – Blayney