What’s going on around Blayney


UNITING CHURCH: Sunday: Blayney, 9.15am. Milthorpe 11am.

Neville Hobbys Yards, 9.30am to move furniture back into the church. Bring a plate for morning tea as we will discuss our opening service over a cuppa.

BAPTIST:  Sunday: Blayney 9.30am.

CATHOLIC: St James Catholic Church: Carcoar Saturday 6pm and Sunday 9am, St Canices Catholic Church Milthorpe 1st & 3rd Sunday 10am

ANGLICAN: Sunday: 8am Blayney, 8am Carcoar, 9.30am Blayney, 9.30am  Millthorpe, 10.00am Uralba

PRESBYTERIAN: Sunday: Blayney 10am

Upcoming events

Blayney Farmers Markets: Carrington Park, 3rd Sunday of the month

World Day of Prayer: Blayney Uniting Church. Friday March 3 at 10am

​Neville Show: Saturday, March 11: Market stalls and multiple competitions.

Blayney Show: Saturday, March 18: Marshall Lane, Blayney. Contact: Mrs Helen Burton, phburton@bigpond.com. Phone: 6368 2270.