National shears to click at Old Errowanbang

Old Errowanbang Wool Shed's Jan Harries is looking forward to hosting the National Shearing and Woolhandling Championships 2014 in November.
Old Errowanbang Wool Shed's Jan Harries is looking forward to hosting the National Shearing and Woolhandling Championships 2014 in November.

The Old Errowanbang Woolshed Committee is proud to announce that they have won the right to hold the National Shearing and Woolhandling Championships 2014.

This was against strong competition from other organisations in both NSW and Queensland.

This competition will be conducted over Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the weekend from November 21 and will be held in conjunction with the Australian Junior Shearing and Woolhandling Championships as well as the Trans-Tasman (Aust vs NZ) Test matches.

An education opportunity for the Novice competitors with a training and mentoring workshop for the next generation of shearers and woolhandlers will also be held during the weekend.

This is to educate, train and encourage better techniques in shearing and woolhandling for the benefit of the major rural industry from which it derives.

The competitions will be held in conjunction with the historic Woolshed Open Days.

Event organiser, Jann Harries, set out to conduct a shearing competition to compliment the Open Days held at Old Errowanbang Wool Shed, when she learned late last year the sporting organisation Sports Shear Australia association (SSAA) was looking for a venue to host the 2014 National Shearing and Woolhandling Championships.

"I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to showcase top class shearing and woolhandling during the Open Day events at the Woolshed," Jann said.

Having learned last week that Old Errowanbang had secured the National Championship, Jann and her team, quickly set about and sourced the more than 2000 sheep required for the events.

"Support has been tremendous so far and everyone is thrilled to be hosting such a major event in Carcoar," Jann said.

The 2013 SSAA Championships alone attracted 200 entries, so it will be a 'full on' event guaranteeing a busy, entertaining weekend.

While the Old Errowanbang Shearing Championships will be conducted over a full range of open events, it will also host the First Australian Junior National Shearing and Woolhandling Championships across lower grades.

"We have received tremendous support for these Championships," Jann said, "with one major sponsor already signed up for these finals".

Sponsors are required as well as volunteers for the weekend and products for prizes as well as uniforms.

Different levels of sponsorship packages are available from $200 to $5000.

This weekend will provide a unique opportunity for all businesses and sheep based industry to raise their profile in the Central west of NSW over the three days.

Anyone who is willing to participate please contact Jann Harries on 0400 667 231 or Kacee Artridge on 0439 260 215; Facebook page, search Old Errowanbang Woolshed and website email

Competitor Registration Forms are available on the Website and Facebook pages.

Prior registration and payment of fees is essential as there is a maximum number of entries set for each event.

Entries will be processed on a first come first served basis.