Millthorpe Matters | New life for old treasures

Entrepreneurs Julia Boag and her father John turned a passion for collecting antiques and old wares and restoring them into a thriving little enclave business called Bower Bird Old Wares in Victoria Street, Millthorpe.

Bower Bird Old Wares: Julia Boag and her father John have turned a passion for old wares into a thriving business.

Bower Bird Old Wares: Julia Boag and her father John have turned a passion for old wares into a thriving business.

In the past couple of years they have turned the business into a hub of activity and are run off their feet restoring and selling everything from old chests and cabinets to milk crates and old meat safes and many more items that were once everyday items in houses across Australia.

Slowly orders and sales are coming from around NSW and you may constantly find John and Julia at some of the antique and old ware auctions from Sydney to the Central West.

Converting their old garage shed into the Bower Bird Old Wares antique shop tastefully decorated with old ware items from meat hooks, chests, kitchen cabinets and a wood fire to keep all customers warm, they have brought an eclectic small business to the community.

John has restored furniture and old wares for decades and introduced the art to Julia at an early age.

Their craftsmanship and technique is unique and it is all about skill and finding the right items at auction.

“We spend a lot of time going to auctions on properties and to good auction houses across NSW,” Julia said.

“Unlike other businesses, we maintain a reasonable price for the customer.

“We have a lot of fun working the business together and in most weeks one of us is at an auction. We aim to find items that are not only unique but what people are looking for particularly old kitchen tables and chairs, desks, cabinets and sometimes we find very unusual cabinets that walk out the door as soon as we finish restoring them,” said John.

When they’re not doing up furniture, travelling to auctions and selling, Julia also spends her time with her other passion – singing opera.

Bower Bird Old Wares is open every weekend and public holidays. You may contact Julia Boag through the Bower Bird Old Wares Facebook page and also on Instagram @BowerBird_Oldwares

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